Tuesday, January 1, 2013

31 weeks... Happy New Year! 2013

How far along: 31 weeks
Total weight gain: 33+
Stretch Marks: nope..... YAY
Sleep: Sometimes it's okay, sometimes not so much. 
Best moment this week: We got Baby G's recliner and ottoman (will.... actually my parents had to pick it up in North OKC.  Everywhere in Baton Rouge was sold out)
Miss anything: Margaritas and sushi
Movement: Lord yes.... this baby is quite active
Food cravings: Mustard
Anything making you sick/queasy: sometimes when the baby moves it makes me a little queasy.
Gender prediction: I'm still trying to stay neutral.
Labor pains: No sir.
Wedding ring on or off: Ring is off.
Belly button in or out: Kind of odd looking... 1/2 in 1/2 out
Mood most of the time: Getting VERY excited.
Looking forward to: meeting Ashleys new little girl Renley.  She is 11 days past her due date and is being induced this morning....UPDATE: Ashley just had Ms. Renley at 12:16!!!  She's beautiful and I can't wait to go see her!! 
Next appointment: January 8th
Any new symptoms: Nothing new this week.
Prego Moment of the week: well.... it happened.  Alston had to help me put my tennis shoes on.  I just couldn't bend over long enough to do it.

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