Thursday, December 27, 2012

30 weeks.....MERRY CHRISTMAS

How far along: 30 weeks
Total weight gain: 33+
Stretch Marks: nope..... YAY
Sleep: SUCKS
Best moment this week: Alston and I were laying in bed Christmas evening and he had his head resting on my belly talking to the baby.  It was so incredible to watch and feel as the baby reacted to Alston's voice.  I remember laying there and thinking "My cup runneth over".... thank you Lord for this man you have blessed me with.
Miss anything: Margaritas and sushi
Movement: Oh yes
Food cravings: Mustard
Anything making you sick/queasy: not really.
Gender prediction: I really do think that Baby G is a girl... I'm carrying SOOOO low. But with that said, I'm trying very hard to take turns referring to the baby and she and he. I really want to stay neutral.
Labor pains:I started experiencing Braxton Hicks this week. No bueno!
Wedding ring on or off: Ring on this week.
Belly button in or out: Still in... but getting flatter.
Mood most of the time: My mood seems to be getting better.
Looking forward to: Spending New Years Eve with my love.  
Next appointment: January 8th
Any new symptoms: Nothing new this week.
Prego Moment of the week: Getting winded when I try to put my boots on. 

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  1. I love this board! It seems like I was just posting my 30 week bump pic, the rest of your pregnancy is going to fly! You look beautiful