Thursday, February 19, 2015

So many emotions

Tomorrow my baby turns 2.... and as I sit here tonight getting everything ready for her party, I find myself becoming more and more emotional.  I don't remember being this emotional with her first birthday... I know part of it is that I'm (almost) 6 months pregnant with Baby G2.  It's really starting to hit me that she growing up.  I sit back and watch her, and I am in awe of this little lady.  God has truly blessed her with a gift to touch peoples lives and hearts.  I know it sounds like a total bias mom comment, but Aubrie has been been blessed with a beautiful gift and I pray that it stays with her and with Gods help we are able to nurture it.  

I love you Aubrie D'Laine.  You have truly made me a better person, since becoming a mom I have realized how important my relationship with Jesus Christ is.  That if I want to be any type of a role model for you, I must live by example.

Oh Aubrie... sweet, sweet child of mine.  I will forever think of you as this little 7 lbs beauty.