Tuesday, June 25, 2013

PINTASTIC or PINTASTROPHE..... Pancake dippers

I found this recipe on Pinterest (of course) and it looked like something the hubby would love. 

Bisquick pancake mix (following box instructions for the pancakes) 
Bacon (I used turkey)

I baked my bacon on a cooking sheet so it would stay flat. 8 minutes at 375. 

After mixing my batter I poured it in my 'mixer' bottle, it was the only thing I had with a decent pour spout. 

Pour a small strip in a hot butter skillet then lay a piece of bacon in the middle. 
Once that side is done pour more batter on top of the bacon and flip. 

I did flip mine a second time to make sure it was done. 

Serve with warm syrup. 

Husband approved..... PINTASTIC!!! 


Thursday, June 20, 2013

4 months old

Height-  24 1/2"
Weight- 12lbs, 8oz
Your sleeping patterns- You still love to sleep. You are getting more into a predictable schedule. Once you wake up you play for about 30 minutes then ready to eat followed by a long nap. You typically have 3 naps a day plus your sleeping great at night. 
Your feeding schedule- You have a very good appetite...I'm still exclusively breastfeeding you. You are now eating every 2-2 1/2 hours.... Sometimes you'll go 3 hours, but that's rare. You don't eat to we'll when we've been outside, it's just too hot right now. 
Some sounds and motions you make are- 
You are a talker (like your daddy)! You love to talk, especially to your daddy and I. Sometimes it sounds like you're bossing us! Lol. You also make this cute 'whoo' sound, I call you my lil whoot owl. 
Also new this month... You're ticklish!! 
This month, you really like- Watching the Price is Right! No lie... You'll watch the whole episode minus the finally show case. 
Your dislikes- You still hate your carseat at night....Lordy-lordy...
Your favorite toys and games are- 
You are loving your piano play-mate! Girl... You go to town on that thing!! And we just introduced you to your Johnny-jumper.... I was able to clean for 20 minutes while you played-SCORE! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy FIRST Fathers Day

To celebrate Fathers Day we spent the weekend at the river with our awesome friends/cousins... Which included 4 adults, 2 busy boys, a toddler and 2 infants. WE ALL SURVIVED!... Tired, very tired, but we had an awesome time. 
Aubrie got her daddy a new grill for Fathers Day

The rain was coming in... But we got the food done first! 

At the river..... Our lil Diva

Ms Renley ( Aubries cousin... They are 6 weeks apart) love her smiles!  

Fathers Day morning in the camper... Waiting patiently for breakfast.

Alston loved his card from Aubrie. It was the one from Hallmark that you stamp their hands on it. 

Happy Fathers Day to my wonderful husband, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect daddy to Aubrie. 

Happy Fathers Day to my daddy.... The man that showed me how a man should treat a lady and taught me I was capable of doing anything I put my mind to. I love you! 

A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week

I found my Prince Charming..... I call him Daddy.