Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Happy happy birthday love!

This week was Alstons birthday... The big 29! 

I wanted to celebrate his birthday all month,  so I dedicated the chalkboard to him this month. 

Saturday I let him open a gift- the once from Aubrie. 

Tuesday morning (3:30 am) I snuck out and put balloons in his truck with a HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner on the dash. Then wrote GOOD MORNING BIRTHDAY BOY on the bathroom mirror. 

 I decorated the house in purple and gold for him I grilled ribeyes and made twice baked potatoes for him.  

Saturday was his big surprise. Aubrie and I took Alston (blind folded) 

Look at that smile!! He has never been, And I wanted him to celebrate his birthday there.  His reaction made my heart and eyes swell. 

I love you!! 

Big changes coming!

Will you join us?! 

We have quite a few friends here that are doing/using the stuff. Tamera Grindol is the closest friend within awesome story. 

Read Tamera Grindols story...... You can see hers on there 


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

6 months old.... Holy Moly!

Height-  26"
Weight- 14.2
Your sleeping patterns- You love to sleep still.  You have a morning nap which usually lasts about 45 minutes to 1 hour, then you have a long afternoon nap usually 2 hours and one short "power nap" around 5:30 that is only about 30 minutes.  You are still sleeping with us, which we are completely fine with. 
Your feeding schedule- You are still exclusively breastfed, and you have a very hearty appetite.  Sunday evening you where sitting in your bumbo on the table while dad had lunch and you swiped a plum right out of the fruit bowl.  Let me tell you... you were in HEAVEN! 

Some sounds and motions you make are-  You have also started blowing raspberries (so stinking cute).  Everything has to go into your mouth. 
This month, you really like- Anything that we are doing.  You are a busy body!  You love your mommy and daddy so much.  When dad gets home from work you light up and anytime I come near you you think you just HAVE to have me.  You are getting better about riding in the car though.  We bought an expedition and you seem to really enjoy looking out the window.
Your dislikes- You still hate to be alone at night.   
Your favorite toys and games are- 
You love your jumperoo and your bumbo.  Your bumbo lets you sit up like a big kid, so you get to be right in the middle of whatever I'm doing. You love chewing on cups, so we got you your first sippy cup. 
New first-  You are official mobile, not a true crawl yet, but you can get across the room quick.  You have official said your first words, MUM and MUMMA....yep.  Mom was your first first!! On your 6 month doctor appt  you got your ears pierced, so precious.  Little pearl earrings.  Not my proudest moment, but you fell off the bed this month.  I felt lower than dirt when it happened.... you were on your back and back scooted straight off the bed and fell between the bed and the nightstand.  By the grace of God you were COMPLETELY fine...not a single mark on your body.  You did cry for a second, but then you were over it. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Homemade birthday cakes.... Cake 2

Cake 2 was just for Alston.  He has mentioned a few times that he wanted an ice cream cake, sooo.... me being me. I decided to attempt it. It couldn't be that hard. 

The finished cake! And the little bunting cake topper made by muah! 

1 box devils food cake mix (made it by the box, but used applesauce instead of oil) 
2 pints of blue bell homemade vanilla (his favorite) 
I tub chocolate icing 
1tub cool whip 

Wednesday afternoon I made the ice cream layer. I thawed the two pints for about 30 seconds in the microwave.  While they were thawing I laid two layers of Saran Wrap in the inside of an 8" round cake pan. Once thawed I poured/dumped the ice cream in the pan and started evening it out. 

Once smooth and packed in, I cover it up tightly with the Saran Wrap, dumped it out of the pan (i needed the pan for the cakes) and put it in the freezer. 

Thursday before his birthday I baked the chocolate cakes (2 of them) and froze them till Tuesday morning. 

So Tuesday morning I started the decorating.  With this cake, I had to work FAST! 

I made my own icing by mixing 1 tub of icing with 1 tub of cool whip. Using my mixer I blended to the two to make a smooth creamy icing. 

I stacked the layers - cake, icing, ice cream, icing, cake 

Once stacked, I refrozen for 45 minutes then I trimmed the cakes to make them even. Once trimmed I refrozen for 45 minutes before putting the first layer of icing on. 

I put two layers of icing in this cake.  

Before he got home I placed the bunting banner in it.  HE LOVED IT! 

Happy birthday love!! 

A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week

That little smile melts my heart. 

I took her to the dr this week, I wanted to make sure she didn't have an ear infection. She's been teething, and I noticed she has been pulling on her right ear quite a bit.  No ear infection, although lil miss has my ears- SUPER TINY... which also showed that one ear canal is extremely little, which could prevent her ear from draining. Her dr said we'd keep a watch on it. 

She is weighing 13.15lbs

6 months well visit is the 20th. 

Homemade birthday cakes... Cake 1

 So August is a VERY busy month- full of birthdays. Just in my immediate family, my husband, sister, my aunt and nephew then we have 5 friends. So it's a busy month! 
Last Saturday we had a birthday party to celebrate with some of them, and I was in charge of making the cake.  I wanted to to something fun and different.... So I decided to make a cake within a cake!!  
This is the finished product. And yes I made sure to get all 7 names on there! 
So... Lets get started. 
I used I box of red velvet cake mix 
2 boxes of French vanilla cake mix 
(Followed the directions on the boxes-but I used applesauce instead of oil) 
Small star cookie cutter
2 tubs of whipped chocolate icing 
1 rub gel icing  
Decoration came in a little pack from Walmart (only $6, SCORE!)

 The red velvet I baked in a jelly roll pan. It was 13x9" and 1" thick. Before I poured the cake mix in I laid down some wax paper, then poured in the mix. 

I baked it at 350 for 25 minutes... Ovens vary so just check yours. I use the ok tooth pick check. 
When done I let it cool for about 5 minutes then I removed the wax paper and the cake, so it could really cool. 

While the red velvet is cooling, I mixed/prepared the vanilla cake

Once cooled in started cutting out stars (using the smallest star I had) 
I ended up getting about 30 stars 

Okay.. So using a well oiled round pan, I poured some vanilla batter in to coat the bottom. Then I started stacking the stars in a circle, not touching but close. 
Once done I then finished by pouring more vanilla cake mix on top. 
Not pretty... 

In the oven it went for about 30 minutes. Again..  Just watch it. 

I baked 3 rounds to stack.  Once they were all baked I wrapped them in wax paper, Saran Wrap and a dish towel then placed them in the freezer till Saturday morning. (That was 3 days away).... I freeze them warm. 

So- Saturday morning started the fun part. DECORATING!! 

While still frozen I stacked the cakes (with chocolate icing between each layer) and using a serrated knife I trimmed off the brown outer layer which also makes them even. 

The best tip I can give you is to ice a cold cake, it minimizes your crumbs. 

And the final test.... The cake cut test..... 

The birthday people!