Sunday, March 31, 2013

Aubrie's first photo shoot

I look at these pictures and I still can't believe that (A) she's really here and (B) we created this....

On her daddies guitar

 The sash is from my wedding dress... I can't wait to have her pictures taken with her "playing" in my dress. 

Maternity Pictures

I have to share some of our SUPER AWESOME maternity pictures.... we went to Dallas and had my cousin take them.  She so talented and I love the way she catches "life" in her photos... she's amazing.  The trip there was PURE HELL!!...but seeing family and seeing these pictures made it all worth it.

 Since we didn't know if Baby G was going to be a boy or a girl...we took pics with both. 

Makes me think of the movie "Gone with the Wind"

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

a portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week

Yes ma'am... lil Ms Aubrie is 5 weeks old.  

This week lil Miss is starting to hold her head up on a daily basis and is starting to smile at us...(real smiles, non-gas related).  I tried to catch some of her smiles on camera, but she's quick.  The other thing I really want to photograph is her yawning... she has the BIGGEST yawn.  Talk about a fly catcher. 

Next week we are headed to Oklahoma for lil Miss' "Welcome Home" party.  I'll let you know how that trip goes.  Please wish us luck and say LOTS of PRAYERS for us.

Enjoy the pics....I can't stop taking her picture.