Monday, August 19, 2013

Homemade birthday cakes.... Cake 2

Cake 2 was just for Alston.  He has mentioned a few times that he wanted an ice cream cake, sooo.... me being me. I decided to attempt it. It couldn't be that hard. 

The finished cake! And the little bunting cake topper made by muah! 

1 box devils food cake mix (made it by the box, but used applesauce instead of oil) 
2 pints of blue bell homemade vanilla (his favorite) 
I tub chocolate icing 
1tub cool whip 

Wednesday afternoon I made the ice cream layer. I thawed the two pints for about 30 seconds in the microwave.  While they were thawing I laid two layers of Saran Wrap in the inside of an 8" round cake pan. Once thawed I poured/dumped the ice cream in the pan and started evening it out. 

Once smooth and packed in, I cover it up tightly with the Saran Wrap, dumped it out of the pan (i needed the pan for the cakes) and put it in the freezer. 

Thursday before his birthday I baked the chocolate cakes (2 of them) and froze them till Tuesday morning. 

So Tuesday morning I started the decorating.  With this cake, I had to work FAST! 

I made my own icing by mixing 1 tub of icing with 1 tub of cool whip. Using my mixer I blended to the two to make a smooth creamy icing. 

I stacked the layers - cake, icing, ice cream, icing, cake 

Once stacked, I refrozen for 45 minutes then I trimmed the cakes to make them even. Once trimmed I refrozen for 45 minutes before putting the first layer of icing on. 

I put two layers of icing in this cake.  

Before he got home I placed the bunting banner in it.  HE LOVED IT! 

Happy birthday love!! 

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