Monday, August 19, 2013

Homemade birthday cakes... Cake 1

 So August is a VERY busy month- full of birthdays. Just in my immediate family, my husband, sister, my aunt and nephew then we have 5 friends. So it's a busy month! 
Last Saturday we had a birthday party to celebrate with some of them, and I was in charge of making the cake.  I wanted to to something fun and different.... So I decided to make a cake within a cake!!  
This is the finished product. And yes I made sure to get all 7 names on there! 
So... Lets get started. 
I used I box of red velvet cake mix 
2 boxes of French vanilla cake mix 
(Followed the directions on the boxes-but I used applesauce instead of oil) 
Small star cookie cutter
2 tubs of whipped chocolate icing 
1 rub gel icing  
Decoration came in a little pack from Walmart (only $6, SCORE!)

 The red velvet I baked in a jelly roll pan. It was 13x9" and 1" thick. Before I poured the cake mix in I laid down some wax paper, then poured in the mix. 

I baked it at 350 for 25 minutes... Ovens vary so just check yours. I use the ok tooth pick check. 
When done I let it cool for about 5 minutes then I removed the wax paper and the cake, so it could really cool. 

While the red velvet is cooling, I mixed/prepared the vanilla cake

Once cooled in started cutting out stars (using the smallest star I had) 
I ended up getting about 30 stars 

Okay.. So using a well oiled round pan, I poured some vanilla batter in to coat the bottom. Then I started stacking the stars in a circle, not touching but close. 
Once done I then finished by pouring more vanilla cake mix on top. 
Not pretty... 

In the oven it went for about 30 minutes. Again..  Just watch it. 

I baked 3 rounds to stack.  Once they were all baked I wrapped them in wax paper, Saran Wrap and a dish towel then placed them in the freezer till Saturday morning. (That was 3 days away).... I freeze them warm. 

So- Saturday morning started the fun part. DECORATING!! 

While still frozen I stacked the cakes (with chocolate icing between each layer) and using a serrated knife I trimmed off the brown outer layer which also makes them even. 

The best tip I can give you is to ice a cold cake, it minimizes your crumbs. 

And the final test.... The cake cut test..... 

The birthday people! 


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