Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ready to "POP" Baby Shower

Sunday I had to honor of hosting a baby shower for my cousin Ashley and her little one on the way Ms. Renley.  Ashley is due Dec. 20, so I thought the best theme for her shower would be "Ready to "Pop".... where everything centered around the word "POP".

This was the all things "POP" table.
  We had....
Cake "POPS"... White cake and Red Velvet
Fruit "POPS"... Grapes &  Pineapples
Rice Krispie "POPS"
White Chocolate "POP"corn
Carmel "POP"corn

 These were to two prizes for the winners of our games.  We played the traditional game where everyone gets a clothes pin when the first get there, and if they say the word "BABY" they lose there pin.  The one with the most clothes pins at the end of the party wins.  The other game we played was we gave everyone a small tub of play-dough and they had to "make a baby" and Ashley got to pick the winner. 

Here is a pic of some of the "BABIES" that were made. 

My mother-in-law and Ms. Addie

The diaper cake I made for baby Renley, with little glitter Toms.

 The Hubby sneaking some punch before he went outside to be with the men.
I have to brag....Aunt Roni (the Mawmaw) makes the most beautiful quilts by hand.  This is just one of MANY that she has made. 

Ashley and Renley got a lot of very nice gifts and LOTS of diapers and wipes. 

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