Tuesday, December 4, 2012

second trimester LOVES

schick intution ravor
I absolutely LOVE this razor!  Why did I not discover this years ago when I was living at the lake... sheeesh...
All you have to do is splash some water on your legs or your pits and shave: no shave gel required and no nasty bumps after!  Great for those mornings I'm running late and still need a shave.

New make-up
I'm all about simplifying my daily routine.... I figure I better start now trying to find products that will make me feel good, but not make me spend more than 5 minutes in the bathroom.
  • The eyeshadow stick is FABULOUS!  Is for the smokey effect, but I use just the blush pink side for every day use.  My favorite color is the "Torch".
  • This "fountain" is so cool!  It only comes in two colors I believe... tan and fair.  When you squeeze some out to use it it is white... but as you blend it it blends so smoothly and flawlessly!  Love this for a quick fix.
Food Cravings
I cannot get enough of these two!  Pineapples and Satsumas... OMG! 
Satsumas are native to Louisiana: they are super easy to peel, and SOOO yummy. They are actually sweet.

Find it here.... My belly really starts to hurt in the evenings, especially after a lot of being on my feet.  My friend told me about this when she saw that I was constantly putting my hands under my belly.  It helps take the weight off of your back too, which is a BIG plus.

Mio water flavor
I'm currenlty burned out on Crystal Light, so I had to try something different.  What's also nice about the MIO is that you decide how much to add... and that really determines that flavor of your drink.

still loving my belly lotion
27 weeks and still no stretch marks!! YAY!!!

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