Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Ms. Renley

After being 11 days past her due date, Ms. Renley finally decided to make her grand entrance!!!

Isn't she beautiful?... The moment she came into this world her eyes were open.  

Ashley went in at 4 AM Monday morning... pushed for 15 minutes (So praying that's what mine is like.....)

Look at how amazing Ashley looks!  Yes.. this was taken moments after Ms. Renley got here!

2 of the 3 Proud Big Brothers!  The oldest one made sure that everyone washed their hands before touching is lil sister.  So very precious. 

After seeing Ashley and holding Ms. Renley it hit me that IM NEXT!  HOLY COW.... Baby G will be here in 8 weeks.  WOW!!!!

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