Wednesday, January 9, 2013

32 weeks.... 8 weeks to GO!

How far along: 32 weeks
Total weight gain: 36 lbs
Stretch Marks: lOOKING GOOD
Sleep: SUCKS 
Best moment this week: I had a dr appointment Tuesday to check on Baby G, s(he) is doing GREAT.  I alson met with the Labor & Delivery Liason for the hospital.  She went over my birth plan with me and really made me feel as ease with the whole process (first time jitters).  I'll post my birth plan on another post.
Miss anything: Margaritas and sushi
Movement: I think I'm bruised from the inside
Food cravings: nothing new
Anything making you sick/queasy: sometimes when the baby moves it makes me a little queasy.
Gender prediction: I'm still trying to stay neutral.
Labor pains: Braxton Hicks are back this week 
Wedding ring on or off: Ring is off :(
Belly button in or out: still odd looking... 1/2 in 1/2 out
Mood most of the time: Getting VERY excited.
Looking forward to: First birthing class is this Saturday. Maternity pictures in Dallas on the 19th.
Next appointment: 
Any new symptoms: Nothing new-new... heartburn is kicking my ass pretty bad.  
Prego Moment of the week: Openly talking about breast feeding and not feeling awkward or embarrassed. I have to finally bite the bullet and go shoe shopping for bigger and more COMFY shoes.... boo 

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