Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Surprise Shower for Baby G

So last Friday ( 1/25) was a typical day at work... including the fact I was exhausted and DID NOT want to be at the office ( I had actually thought about not coming in).  LOL!  That would have been bad.
A little back info on my job. I work for DPW with all men except for two women... sometimes I forget there is even three women in our department bc of the ladies keeps herself soooooo secluded from us.  She doesn't really like people in general..... but enough about that. 
Tara ( the other girl I work with) planned everything and told the men what they needed to do and where/when to be there.
I got a call around 1 that afternoon from Tara saying that I needed to go to the Directors office, she was running late and would meet me there. 
Here are the pictures that were taken.  ENJOY
This is my "OH MY...YOU DIDN'T" face.
 My SUPER-SUPER cute owl cake!
Choc. Owl cupcakes!
I LOVE fruit

 The BEST wrapping EVER... don't be jealous!! LOL. 
They got Baby G a pack n play and some really cute sleepers.
I've been very fortunate to work with such great people.


  1. arwww, how awesome! such a great surprise. totally love the owl theme...