Sunday, January 27, 2013

Baby Shower...Sunday Funday

WOW.... what a wonderful day today was!  I'm sitting here curled up in my favorite chair enjoying a cup of coffee flipping through the pictures of our baby shower.  I can't tell you how loved we are.  It was such a blessing to have so many wonderful people celebrate with us.  We received some wonderful gifts.  It was really cute to see how some people definitely made it known what sex Baby G will be.

Today's shower was hosted by my aunt and cousins...FABULOUS ladies!!  So with out further a due I leave you with some pictures.

My sister and niece came down from OK to celebrate with us. 
Best diaper cake EVER!  This thing is loaded down with goodies!!  The inside has dreft soap and a buggy cover. 
Love the mantle.  In the middle is newborn pics of Alston and I with Baby G's ultrasound pic in the middle.

A sweet friend from work made this for the nursery! It's one of my favorite sayings. 

The "Glasses"

Wishes for Baby G

We had a "Greek" themed menu....Mmmmmmmmmm

 At an absolute loss for words.... She made a quilt, pillow case and sheets in the these colors. 

 Someone is definitely thinking girl.....
White crochet baby blanket

 White crochet booties and bonnet

 Yellow crochet booties
Blue booties

Baby G's first piggy bank from my parents. 

And now for some fun pictures.... I love my family!!!
 Ignore the "no shoes".... I was done.

 I LOVE me some Britt!... (she's had 2 kids, one is 6 months old!... I pray I can look 1/2 that good)

 Being goofy... trying to figure out the "Heart"....

LOL!!! I've almost caught up!!

My fabulous hostesses!!.......


  1. Looks like a beautiful shower! You look gorgeous, I was a hot mess pregnant lol

    1. Thank you!
      I definitely feel like a hot mess...especially since yesterday's dr. appt.