Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hormones made me do it.....

What a week this has been.  Pregnancy is kicking my ass, I'm beyond uncomfortable and miserable (and everyone keeps saying I haven't seen uncomfortable- I still have 7 weeks)... thanks for the reminder.  I'm so much more emotional this week too.  I'm pretty sure I've cried at least 3 times this week.  I had to bite the bullet and buy bigger shoes this week too.... BOO.

I think one of the hardest things about being pregnant (for me) is that I feel so helpless and dependent on others for things.  We've been cleaning and defunking the upstairs (majority of this has been on Alston's shoulders) and it so overwhelming, where in the hell did we put all that stuff?!  I want to do more, but lifting and bending down are not really things I can right now.

Maybe I should have renamed this post "Bitching".... or "Pity Party".

I got home yesterday and pretty much crash.... all I had energy for was to do one load of laundry and take a bath (but hey, I did blow dry my hair.... that's definitely a plus).  OH!  I forgot... I started the dishwasher... but...Alston loaded it.

But now I want to brag on Alston for a second.
Last night after doing some grocery shopping for us, he came home and totally kicked some ass on the house!  He reorganized the utility room, finished hanging my sconces that I keep forgetting to put up in the living-room (prego brain) and he reorganized the guest room.  I'm not sure what time he actually came to bed last night, but I'm pretty sure it was SUPER late.  

So this morning I am downstairs drinking my morning coffee getting super excited about our first birthing class this afternoon... YAY! and feeling pretty foolish for writing this post.... I really should be focusing on the wonderful things that are taking place in my life.   It's interesting how when I started this post I was so "poor-pitiful me"... but as I typed I realized how minuet all this really is.  I guess I just really needed to vent for a second..... thanks for being my sounding board.

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