Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Birth Plan

After meeting with the labor and delivery liason I feel really good about my birth plan.  I know it's not a guarantee, but it still gives me such peace of mind to have my thoughts and wishes down on a piece of paper. 

~If your hospital has a liason I STRONGLY recommend meeting with her before your D-Day... especially if your're a new mommy to be or hoping for a natural birth ( I'm both).

Angela ( the liason) told me to make three copies of this.  Give one to Dr. Chapman at my next appointment, put one with my medical records that I'll bring to the hospital on D-Day and put one in my luggage for just in case. 

She offered so much advice and knowledge, it was amazing!  Everytime I leave that building I always thank God for the people at Women's... they are all so amazing.  After our meeting I can definitely say that I am more a peace with my birth plan.

Birth Plan

LABOR SUPPORT: James & Alicia
Birth Preferences
Early labor and preparation:
Wear my own clothing

 I would like an IV if I become dehydrated.  I will accept having a heparin lock inserted into a vein so that an IV can be started quickly.
I need to wear contact lenses or glasses at all times when conscious.  My contacts can be removed very quickly in the event of an emergency.  My husband will have my glasses in case I need to remove my contacts.
   Use of electronic fetal monitor externally only for an initial 20 minute strip: after that, I would prefer to intermittent Doppler monitoring, unless the baby is in distress.

  Want to move freely and be able to walk around out of the bed/sit up.

  Would like light foods and clear liquids, taken orally.

  I do not want internal fetal monitoring unless the baby has already shown signs of distress.

Allow labor to proceed on its own: prefer no artificial induction methods.

   Would like to labor in a tub.

Prefer not to use medication: I will ask if I need them, please do not ask me.

Dimmed lighting.

Use of my heating pad.

Labor position: whatever feels the most comfortable at the time.

I would like to wait to push until I feel the urge, even if I am fully dilated.

I would like my husband to cut the umbilical cord once it has stopped pulsing.

I do not wish an episiotomy unless required to avoid an extensive tear. 

Skin-to-skin immediately, with blanket covering both of us.
 Suctioning and other evaluations be done while baby is in mother’s arms unless there are complications.
 Breastfeeding as soon as possible.
  I intend to breastfeed exclusively and do not wish to have any pacifiers or bottles given to him/her, including   glucose water.
  We want the baby in the room at all times.  We do not want the baby to be taken away from us unless he/she requires medical treatment or unless we request to have him/her taken to the nursery.
 We prefer that our stay at the hospital be extended to the longest our insurance will allow. 
 I would like to meet with a lactation consultant regarding breastfeeding as soon as possible.
If the baby is a boy, then we would like a circumcision while in the hospital.  

In case of a complication which requires emergency care, we ask that our care providers still do their best to accommodate as many of our preferences as possible.  We would only want our baby to be born via Caesarean section in the case of an absolute emergency.

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