Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Fat Tuesday

What a title.... that's actually how I feel today!!  LOL

Happy Mardi Gras!!!  This is the second Mardi Gras in a row that I have missed since I moved to Louisiana.... I had just found out I was pregnant the second time a month before Mardi Gras last year...Fingers crossed I'm not prego this time next year.  I REALLY want to take part in the festivities next year.

So how did Baby G and I celebrate Fat Tuesday.... let me show you.
First.... I did a lil "Valentines" nail art to pass the time

But MASS MAJORITY of the day was spent just like this........
Feet propped up.... starring down at my Baby Bump.  On a positive note.... I did have some contractions this afternoon. YAY!!!!

I was a little bad.... I ran across this drink recipe and I seriously was LUSTING after a cocktail!!!  I definitely want to try this one out.

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