Thursday, February 14, 2013

37 weeks.....FULL TERM BABY

How far along: 37 weeks
Total weight gain: actually..I'm down 2lbs..47 lbs
Stretch Marks: still looking good.
Sleep: Next to impossible 
Best moment this week: Hearing Baby G's heartbeat, starting my maternity leave on Friday and scheduling my induce date if Baby G doesn't come on his/her own by Feb 28.
Miss anything: MY LEGS, ANKLES AND FEET!!
sleeping on my stomach, not having heartburn, being able to go more than a hour without having to pee, being able to bend over and wearing my old clothes and SHOES
Movement: A TON 
Food cravings: nothing this week... appetite has kind of disappeared.
Anything making you sick/queasy: The heartburn is still KILLING me
Gender prediction: I'm thinking Pink
Labor pains: Still having sporadic contractions. 
Wedding ring on or off: Ring is off :(
Belly button in or out: 1/2 in 1/2 out...and when I laugh it looks like it could completely pop out.
Mood most of the time: Getting very anxious
Looking forward to: D-Day...which if Baby G doesn't come on his/her own I am now scheduled to be induced Thursday- Feb 28 at 3AM....YAY!!!!
Next appointment: Feb 21... last appt!!!!
Any new symptoms: Still swelling at a fast pace. Vision has gotten noticeably worse this week and I'm pretty sure I'm experiencing pregnancy carpel tunnel. 
Prego Moment of the week: I was taking a nap Wednesday after work and I woke straight up thinking my water had broke.  I literally threw back the covers and was doing a once over myself and the bedding.  It was so real.... BUT it was just the me sweating in my sleep... GROSS.

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