Sunday, February 3, 2013

Baby Shower....numero tres

Saturday we had our baby shower for hubs-moms side of the family.  It was a lot of fun and some AWESOME food!!!  I didn't get a picture of our wonderful hostesses.... but I want to say THANK YOU again.  Ashley (who just had Ms. Renley), cousin Glennis, Aunt Roni and my MIL Robbie.

I forgot to mention the thank you gifts we did for all the hostesses.  Hubs and I purchased some real
ly pretty-light weight scarfs and had them embroidered by a dear friend of mine.
***if you need something embroidered quick... she's DEFINITELY the way to go.***

The hostess gifts... I forgot to take pictures of the actually scarfs.  I love the "It's a Girl" & "It's a Boy" tissue paper.  Seemed so fitting

Baby G's cake.  I swear it was iced with cool whip!  So good. 
Mice... chocolate dipped cherry's with kisses for face and almond slice ears....SOOO cute and yummy!

Now...that's a southern spread of food.

The "dots" on the wall above the table are going in baby G's room... Love decor that can be used again!

  The kids "helping" me open presents... I love it!

Hubs got a gift... to be used for those late night diaper changes!!! HAHAHA

Handmade burp clothes in the fabric I'm in love with. 

Car seat cover..YAY!!! it also converts to a blanket when you're done with it.  
Baby G's hand quilted quilt from Aunt Roni, Aunt Pig (yes...that's what she prefer's to be called) and Ashley.

Allie LOVES her Alston...HAPPY HEART...SIGH....

Hubs mom made a basket filled with 30 bags, which have 30 gifts in them for Baby G.  We have exactly 30 days till Baby G's due date, so we are supposed to open one gift a day till the arrival.  Alston as a child LOVED this "surprise" grab bags... so his mom wanted to do the same for Baby G. 

The Grandma 

So blessed to have her as family and a friend.  Moving down here has been a WHOLE lot easier because of her friendship.  

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