Wednesday, January 21, 2015

19 weeks

Maternity clothes: yes sir
Total weight gain: I haven't gotten on the scale this week.
Stretch Marks: Still good!
Sleep: Still blows.  In fact... I'm not sleeping on the couch - it's the only place I can get semi comfortable. 
Best moment this week: Aubrie started gymnastics this week. CUTEST THING YOU HAVE EVER SEEN!
What does Aubrie think: Shes getting a little frustrated now that she can't get super comfortable in my lap... the belly is starting to get in the way. 
Miss anything: sleeping

Movement: nope... still nothing.  
Food cravings: no... in fact this week I'm not very hungry at all.  
Anything making you sick/queasy: not this week... can I get a PRAISE THE LORD!
Have you started to show: OH YES 
SymptomsInsomnia is the big one. Sinuses are all kinds of messed up. Very-very thirsty. My back is starting to hurt this week.  
Gender prediction: I still think boy... even though the heartbeat is high.  
Labor pains: nope
Wedding ring on or off: on
Belly button in or out: in
Mood most of the time: Very happy with how everything is going. 
Looking forward to: Getting to see baby G2 on Feb 2.  Road trip to Houston to see my cousins new little girl (just Aubrie and I, since Alston has to work) AND Aubrie's second birthday in Feb.
Next appointment: Feb 2
Thoughts for the week:  I can't believe I am almost 5 months. 

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