Tuesday, January 13, 2015

18 weeks

Maternity clothes: yes sir
Total weight gain: 7 lbs
Stretch Marks: Still good!
Sleep: TERRIBLE at night, but I'm not really that tired during the day. 
Best moment this week: starting feeling well enough to start working out again. 
What does Aubrie think: She's starting to point to my belly and say baby.  She'll lay her head on my stomach... blow raspberries and kiss my belly.  She's beyond precious. 
Miss anything: I'm really okay this week.  It's nice. 
Movement: nope... still nothing.  
Food cravings: Jimmy Johns and firehouse subs. 
Anything making you sick/queasy: forgetting to snack/eat often causing my morning sickness to flair. 

Have you started to show: OH YES 
SymptomsInsomnia is the big one. Sinuses are all kinds of messed up. Very-very thirsty. I can't believe I'm actually saying this out loud... Oh my... constipation.  
Gender prediction: I still think boy... even though the heartbeat is high.  
Labor pains: nope
Wedding ring on or off: on
Belly button in or out: in
Mood most of the time: Happy...but very emotional 
Looking forward to: Aubrie's second birthday in Feb.

Next appointment: Feb 2
Thoughts for the week:  God is so good! 

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