Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Zoo trip

Saturday was the perfect day to be at the zoo....sunny (not hot) and a nice breeze, which is VERY rare for Louisiana.  Alston ABSOLUTELY loves the zoo, he made me promise that Aubrie's first time to the zoo would be with him.

seeee.....who's busying the stroller....HAHAHA

lonely elephant...just a few weeks prior the other elephant passed away at 47 years old. 

gives me the CREEPS...this gator was HUGE

Someone was ready for lunch.  I'm so thankful that I've been able to breastfeed Aubrie....it's so empowering and rewarding.

  I love cheesy sayings like this

     Aubrie enjoyed the birds until they started squaking...poor babe she got VERY upset with all the sharp noises.

Fun fact.... Do you know why Flamingo's are pink?

It's because of all the shrimp the eat!!
I told Alston they should dye the shrimp blue or purple...how cool would purple flamingos be!!

 I LOVE everything peacock...so of course I had to try to get some pics of my favorite animal. 

 This peacock kept coming straight for Alston...not going to lie...it made me a little nervous. 


I love getting snuggles with her 

Please-please...no more pictures. 

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