Wednesday, April 10, 2013

First road trip to Oklahoma....GOING

Wednesday afternoon we left for Aubrie's OK Baby Shower and PRAYED for a smooth trip...  and you know what?  WE SURVIVED!!!!

Yep...Lil Miss did absolutely amazing.  We decided the night before that we would give her a shower, put her in her PJs and feed her right before we left...we have discovered that putting her in the shower with her daddy makes her VERY lethargic.  Alston had to work that morning, so after he got home we loaded the car and started our game plan.  Everything went as planned...we got in the car at 3:30 and prayed we could make it to Shreveport before she woke.  Our last trip to see my parents (which I was about 28 weeks prego) took us 12 hours, so we figured it would take at least that's typically a 9 hour trip.  Once on the road she passed smooth out and we were 20 miles away from Shreveport when she started to wake up....HALLELUJAH our game plan worked!! SCORE 1 FOR THE NEW PARENTS!!

Once in Shreveport we stopped for gas, changed her butt and found a Cheddar's to eat dinner.

Such a proud daddy loving on his girl at dinner

After eating dinner we got back in the car and headed for Dallas...this leg of the trip was the hardest...lil Miss was not interested in sleeping just yet and was STARVING!!  I had fed her at the restaurant and then given her a 2 oz bottle once in her car seat, but she was NOT satisfied.  Sooooo, what's a mom to do?.....I unbuckled and straddled her car seat so I could give her a tit.  (the batteries in the breast pump crapped out on us and there's not a lot of places to stop on this stretch of the road)  The things a mom will do for a crying babe.  Let me just tell you.... that's a great core workout!  After a couple more stops and TONS of coffee we made it to my parents.  It ended up taking us exactly 13 hours...not to bad with a 6 week old. 

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