Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter 2013

Yeah.... I'm so behind on writing, and I have SOOOOO many things I want to post about on here. So, first things first.


Baby G's first Easter was wonderful, I do feel terrible that we didn't make it to church though....getting her out and being on time is still a problem I'm having, along with learning to cook one-handed....

Thank the lord for my Hubby, he stepped in Saturday and helped me make some desserts for Sunday.  I found a recipe on Pinterest for Rice Krispie treats made with Trix...our opinion: NO BUENO...they tasted stale, but the Hubs did any awesome job helping me. (poor thing tends to get wrestled into doing A LOT of my random Pinterest projects)

SUCCESS: our first picture using the timer on our camera!!!!

This picture makes my heart VERY VERY happy

Lil Miss' Easter outfit was bought by my parents when they were in and I got her headband from a super cute shop on Etsy.

She did very well for not getting to nap, but when we got home she crashed out! 

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