Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Weekend with the Parents

I was so happy my parents were able to come down and visit, even though we live 700 miles away, we are on about a 6 week visitation rotation.  So it's not too terrible....the goodbyes are hard.  Especially now that Aubrie is here..... :(

For the most part we just hung out and enjoyed just being together.  Friday my mom went with me so I could get  my hair done (Thank the Lord). 

Saturday was my cousin Candace's birthday, she would have been 27.....so we spent the day with my aunt and uncle.   When Candace was 16, she was in a car wreck that took her life.  Aubrie's middle name is in honor of Candace: Candace D'Laine, Aubrie D'Laine.  Saturday morning we got up and met my Aunt for breakfast (just us girls) then spent the day visiting at their house.  

That evening we went and put out new flowers on Candace's grave, then we all went to dinner. 

Sunday we all got up and went to church-What an AMAZING service.... "For me and my house we shall follow the lord" and the voices of Mobile was there.  If you ever get the opportunity to hear this group-GO!  You will not be disappointed.  
Lunch after church 

 Sunday evening we took Lil Miss to see her very first movie.... DESPICABLE ME 2!!  She LOVED it!!  I was hoping I'd feed her and she'd sleep through it...NOPE.  Once she saw that big screen, she was hooked.  She was so stinking cute. 

See.... She wouldn't take her eyes off the big screen! 

First family movie date night! 

Mom and dad left Monday evening late (sucked.....) but we have already planned our next visit!

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