Sunday, July 14, 2013

Waiting game.....

I'm so exited! Alston and I just bought a new car- a very big family car.... Or I guess I should call it a truck. Friday evening after he got off we went to Carmax and bought an Eddie Bauer Expedition! 

I paid my car (Chevy equinox) off in May and was sooooo excited, to later find out that I was in desperate need of a tune up. We had planned on waiting till next summer to buy a new family car, but obviously my car had other plans.  Another thing that made us want another - bigger car is that while my parents were down we had to take 2 cars everywhere because with Aubries carseat my backseat would only allow 1 other passenger.  (About 2-3 weeks ago I had her carseat inspected for safety and found out her base anchors/hooks required an 11" spread which took up 1 1/2 seats).
We originally had decided on a Tahoe, we were adamant that that was what were wanted..... Until we rest drove one and we left disappointed. There just wasn't as much room as we had hoped for.  After that test drive we ended up at Carmax looking at their Tahoes' and Suburbans. But out of the blue we walked up on an Expedition.... I told Alston to go for a test drive with the dealer and just see.  He came back in total AWE of its size and ride.  
If you've never looked at Carmax and you're thinking about buying a car, I strongly recommend going there. No hassle at all! You pay what's on the window, and from my research, they offered the best price for what we got. The sticker price compared to the NADA & Kelly blue book value was only $550 difference.
So after spending all of last week shopping online, running numbers on monthly payments and getting a quote on insurance we found our dream car! 

BUUUUUUT........ Now we have to wait. The expedition we found is in Dallas. We had to pay a transfer fee of $200 for a trucking company to haul it here. They said it can take up to 14 calendar days, maybe here sooner but could take 2 weeks.   So now we wait..... BOOOOO. 

I find myself looking at pictures of it a couple of times a day, not believing its really ours! 

I'll post pictures once its "officially" ours and the papers are signed! 

      Taken this morning before church. 

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