Thursday, May 16, 2013



Big FAT boo......
I can across this PIN about a week ago and I knew I just HAD to attempt it.  We have a birthday pool party to attend at the end of May, and personally....I just am not a fan of lil babes in bikinis...I just can't do it.  PLUS....babes don't need to be exposed to that much sun anyways.  SO.... there's my justification for making her her first bathing suit (dad doesn't like the work "BIKINI" used with his daughter...HAHA)

Supplies used:
1 white onesie from Target
Fuschia fabric paint
Sponge paint brushes
Masking tape
Needle/ thread

Lets get started.....

I stuffed a magazine inside to protect the back of the onesie

Using the masking tape I taped off the outline of the "Bikini"

Using my sponge paint brush I sponged the paint to create the bottoms and the triangle top.

After I was done, I let the onesie dry for 24 hours before handling removing the tape.

After the tape was removed, I had to try it on my lil model!  I was so excited!  I knew I had to wash the onesie before I started attaching the ruffle ribbon the the top and the bottom because it was a little stiff.

And here is where the FAIL came in... after washing it in cold water the paint bled and created this crappy tie-tied look.  I'm so disappointed....

I still have 3 more onesie that came in this pack....I may go and find another type of paint and try again.  I'll let you know it I get different results. 

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