Thursday, May 23, 2013

Decoupage and Peacock feather....PINTASTIC OR PINTASTROPHE


Our bedroom is done if jeweled tones with Peacock accents....(from past posted, you know how much I LOVE the Peacock).  I don't want to GIRLY our room, so I've made sure that the peacock is done in subtle ways.  When I came across this picture on Pinterest, I knew I just HAD to attempt it.

Supplies I used-
a white canvas
paint brush
acrylic paint ( I mixed purple and black to get an eggplant color)
Peacock feathers
hot glue
newspaper (to lay the canvas on)

I painted the whole canvas, including the sides with the color I mixed to match my room (purple and black)...It took 4 coats before I liked out dark it was.

The original project called for either elmer's glue or modge-podge to attach the feathers...well...Me being me (means SUPER impatient when it comes to new projects) I decided to attach the feathers to the canvas with wet paint.  Two reasons (1) I didn't have the glue or the modge-podge on hand (2) I wanted to feather to keep their texture.  

I patted down the top of the feathers so that they folded down over the side of the canvas.

After I had attached the three feathers, I used a tiny bit of hot glue to attach the bottom of the stems to the canvas.  Then with the scissors I trimmed the stems to line up with the canvas. 

HERE is the original post for this project.

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