Thursday, June 7, 2012

Family Weekend~

What a wonderful weekend I had last weekend!!  My parents came in Thursday night and got to stay all weekend... I know it wasn't very long, but man did I miss them!!
Friday my aunt and I both took off to hang out with mom ( my dad slept the first 1/2 of the day since he drove all the way here Thursday night) and do a little shopping.  We went to lunch with my cousin Keisha and her daughter Savannah... Friday was also Keisha's birthday.

I know I've said it before, but I absolutely LOVE being with family... nothing, NOTHING makes me happier.  I don't really have a large 'friend' circle; I've always really considered my family as my friends and vice versa... my friends that I am really close with are my family.

While out shopping we went to one of my FAVORITE boutiques.... Royal Standard.  OH MY DEAR LORD!!!  love-love this place.  While there I found the chair I want for my nursery... no, we still aren't expecting, but I'm still planning the nursery.  It's perfect!  I plan on doing a Yellow and Grey nursery... retro/chic.  Check out this chair.....
I'm in LOVE!
Now I just have sell Alston on it....

Also while out shopping I discovered a TON of beautiful-knitted blankets for babies... they were soooo soft, but kind of expensive.  SO..... what do I do?  I decide that I'm going to learn how to knit!  Yes I did.... I went to Hobby Lobby, bought a "How to" book, needles and yarn.  And by gosh... I started to figure it out late Sunday night! 

Yes I did!!

Friday evening we went to my friend Brittany's house.. her daddy cooked for us all: Cabbage Jambalaya.. Mmmmmmm  and we hung out and just visited.  Brittany is expecting her second son today... she was scheduled for a c-section on Monday morning, but we went into labor today around 8 and had lil Hayden! ( I'll post a pic soon).

But here is a few pics of this weekend.

Lil man Hunter and my Aunt

My parents and my cousins lil girl Lolo

Big brother holding the new lil addition to the family.... Congratulations!!!

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