Monday, September 29, 2014

Im still alive....

Oh how I TERRIBLY miss blogging....  I don't know how other moms do it.  My only alone time is when Aubrie is in bed (thank you Lord, Alston does bedtimes) and Alston gets in the shower.  That leaves me about 30 minutes.  30 minutes.... and I need to pick up the livingroom, clean Aubries high chair, load the dishwasher, make sure Alstons work clothes get dried, put dinner up in the fridge.  BUT what do I ACTUALLY do.  Drink of cup of coffee (while its still hot) and watch chopped reruns.... anything other than the Disney channel.
So, here I sit.  watching the food network looking at a "lived in livingroom/playroom".

One day... One day.... I'll have a clean house AND clean laundry at the same time AND I'll get to blog again one day.

Until than.....
Please Excuse 
we are busy 

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