Friday, November 22, 2013

9 months old-HOLY MOLY!

Look at those teeth!!

This is Aubrie's famous smile...simple and so SWEET.  She smiles with her eyes. 

Height-  26 1/2 inches
Weight- 15 1/2lbs
Your sleeping - Still sleeping with us.  You have started falling asleep in your carseat and will nap in it for about 30 minutes (we leave you in it and bring it inside)
Your feeding schedule- You are still exclusively breastfed. You have started standing while you eat (yes, you are still attached to me) and you'll shake your booty.
Some sounds and motions you make are-  You are getting louder! And you love to talk. You learned how to give "High 5" and are starting to wave a little.  When excited you'll pant like a dog.
This month, you really like- Your new sippy cup... you are officially drinking from a straw.
Your dislikes- The vacuum cleaner.
Your favorite toys and games are- You love books and have really started to rock your jumperoo.
New first-  You have two new teeth on top (6 total). You learned how to climb the staircase to the second floor all on your own and how to climb up on the couch by using your piano as a step stool. You are very affectionate with your mommy and daddy.  You don't give kisses yet, but when asked to give a kiss you lean your head into us. We no longer have to turn the dome light on in the truck for you at night.

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  1. That is too funny that she stands up while breastfeeding :) she is adorable!