Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Family Time!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE spending time with my family.  Honestly, nothing makes me happier than getting to spend time and make memories with them.  This past weekend I went to Dallas to see my cousins and my parents ( my parents drove in from Oklahoma).... FABULOUS  time!  I got there kind of late Friday since I had a doctor's appt for Baby G...( I'll tell you more about that in a sec and post pics), but it was still a great night.  We spent the evening by the pool ( yes late October and we had a pool party.... heated pool) laughing and catching up.

Saturday was spent in my favorite way.... vegging out.... We ordered pizza, my parents got there that morning, my other cousins came over with their two kid's... I met the youngest one Saturday for the first time...
 Baby Gabe- 6 months old ( my dad holding him.... freshening up before Baby G gets here)
And we laid out by the pool all day... FABULOUS DAY!!!
I finally gave in and borrowed a bathing suit from my cousin and joined the fun.... however.. Let me warn you...You can still get a sun burn in October!
No bueno!!!!
The worst part of the whole weekend ( aside from my lovely sunburn....) I had to go home on Sunday.  I tried to make the most out of the 7 1/2 hour drive home, but lets me honest... it sucked!  This trip made me realize that being prego definitely makes going on a road trip 10 x's harder... a couple of people tried to talk me out of going because I was going alone ( but of course I wouldn't listen.... ) they were right.  I actually stayed home from work yesterday because I was hurting so much.  Between the sun burn, my back hurting and I had a little more than usual cramping... not fun.  I spent all day drinking TONS of water ( pretty sure I was dehydrated) and I soaked multiple times in a vinegar bath... yes they do work. 

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