Friday, September 21, 2012

Current must haves!

I know I'm only 16 weeks ( technically 16 weeks, 4 days,  but who's counting...uh ME!!) but I already have some things that I'm totally in love with so I thought I'd share.

1) Mustela Stretch Mark Double Action Cream TOTALLY in love.  My skin has become so dry this trimester, I even rub in a little on my elbows and hands.  It's kind of pricey... at $42.00 a bottle, but a little goes a long way.  I've had the same bottle for almost 7 weeks now.  The other thing I LOVE-LOVE about this lotion is the smell... it's so clean smelling.  Even my picky - sensitive nosed husband loves it.  He says it smells "clean".
2) Gatorade  "G-Series" - I'm so thirsty all the time... and to be perfectly honest.. I'm tired of drinking water.  I've given up ( okay being honest... I've cut WAY back on) tea and cut coffee and pop out.  I want something to drink that taste good.  I'm getting burned out on Crystal Lights too already.  So.. I'm enjoying the occasional Gatorade... it was my cousin Eric whom I blame this no love on.
3) Corky's Sandals - I've had to face the harsh reality that heels are not at all comfortable while being knocked up.... sad, sad day when I came home from work and my feet hurt so bad and were swollen, I knew I had to give them up for a while.  My Aunt ( who Rocks by the way) baought me my first pair.... EVERYONE NEEDS A PAIR OF CORKY'S!  They come in three different heights, but since I can't wear heels I want the closest thing possible to "feeling" tall.  They aren't terribly priced either.. they compete with Yellow Box Sandals in comfort and price.  The one big thing I love about these over my Yellow Box is that they don't have slippery bottoms.
4) Seamless Clip Down Nursing Bra My life saver... more like my boobie saver!!  I didn't realize my nipples would hurt SOOOO bad and for so long.  Mine still hurt.  As long as I wear this bra I'm good... no pain.  I bought it in two colors black and nude and I rotate in them and my sports bras at night.  When I bought this bra I remember telling the girl at the store " my nipples are on fire"... she immediatley grabbed this bra and said this was my life saver.  I could hug her!! 
5) Spinach Salad with Fruit This is my biggest craving!!  I cannot get enough of it, although I leave out the raspberries and I add thinly sliced green apples to mine when I make it at home.  OH... I'm drooling now as I type.  Yep... I think I'll have this for lunch!  Wendy's has a salad that is pretty stinking close to this one on their menu, so it makes it nice for when I need something for lunch.
6) Eminence Coconut Milk Cleanser my skin has changed so much just in the 16 weeks I've been pregnant.  At first I had terrible acne and the only thing that helped was a face wash from Melaleuca, ( Thank you DAD!) but now my skin is so dry this is the only thing that makes my face feel baby smooth and smell amazing.  My sis-n-law got this for me from her estheticianist and man- oh man is it amazing.

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