Monday, August 20, 2012

11 weeks 4 days.... Doctor Appointment

I can't believe it has been three weeks since I posted last.... I'm sorry.   I'm finally starting to feel a little better, the nausea isn't nearly as bad... I'm still pretty tired, but it's not terrible.   But enough about that.. let's get on to the exciting news from the past weekend!!

My parents came in Thursday morning!! YAY!!  I missed them Sooooooo much!  They brought me fried pies and blueberry cake donuts ( I can't find them down here.... ).... exactly what a pregnant woman needed!!!

Friday afternoon we had a doctor's appointment.... which I didn't realize till after just how stressed out I was about it.  When we were waiting for the doctor to come back and talk to me, I was so sick to my stomach.... I seriously almost threw up.  You see August 17 was the due date for my first baby that I lost.... I had so much anxiety and fear that there wouldn't be a heartbeat.  I didn't think I was going to make it... seriously.   She took us back ( me, Alston, my parents and my aunt... yes we had a crew with us!), had me lay down and get into position and then she started the scan..... The moment she came across the heartbeat a HUGE weight came off my shoulders, I felt myself instantly become lighter.  And then I saw her (yes!  I think its a girl... and no... we still are not finding out the sex.  Sorry) she was moving and squirming.  One of the pictures she had her hand in her face, it looks like she is sucking her thumb..... it is so precious to see.  The other pictures we could see her long legs (definitely got those from her daddy) all stretched out. The third picture is a shot of her profile!  We could see her (yes I still think it's a girl) little nose, lips, forehead, chin..... it absolutely melts your heart to see your baby for the first time.

And then the moment that truly set me free.... we heard her heartbeat! A very strong 158 heartbeat!   My Lord, that was the most incredible sound I've every heard.  The moment I heard that I could no longer control my emotions and I realized at that moment just how stressed I was.  I cried.... I couldn't control myself.  Not only was I crying, but my mom and my aunt were crying....  I heard my sweet baby's heartbeat for the very first time.

Thank you Lord for blessing us with this child.

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