Friday, July 20, 2012

yeah.... I'm definitely knocked up

Wow.... I cannot think of a time I was sicker then I am right now.  It really does feel like I have the flu. 
Here are my current symptoms at week 7
  • TONS of nausea (no vomiting...not sure if that would be a bad thing sometimes)
  • body aches, especially my back
  • EXHAUSTION....I swear it's like my I've been running a marathon all day.  I even wake up exhausted.
  • I'm either freezing or burning up
  • Food aversions.....nothing sounds good to eat
  • My nipples are on FIRE!  Damn they hurt!!
  • Very emotional...Easily pissed off.... One wrong comment and I'm more then willing to tear your head off or maybe I'll try to hold you while a cry.
  • I can't believe I'm actually going to say/type this...I miss being able to go to the bathroom, it really sucks.  Talking about what occurs in the bathroom has ALWAYS been an off-limits conversation... until now. 

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