Friday, February 10, 2012

It's finally Friday!!!

Oh thank the lord today is Friday: I'm exhausted!  Between starting my new job this week and being pregnant, I can't stay awake past 8 PM!!

So, I have a lot of things that has happened since my last entry.  Mom got to come down and stay with Alston and I this week: which was fabulous!  We meet Dad, Mom and Uncle Tony in Shreveport on Saturday; had lunch and hung out for a sec.  Mom leaves tomorrow, so we are meeting them again in Shreveport for lunch.  We had a really great visit, I was so glad she decided to stay with us. 

Monday was my first day here at DPW Building Maintenance.... lord it is so different working for the government: they are in NO hurry to do anything.  My hours are 6:50 to 3:25 with an hour lunch, and needless to say you might get 4 hours of work out of some of these people; it's crazy.   We'll see how it goes, I'm ready to have some structure and organization (which is one of my first priorities)

We found out that our due date is October 1, 2012: Alston really really wanted an October baby!  It was so neat.... a little surreal to be seeing our little peanut.  I wasn't far enough along to hear the heart beat, so my next appointment is March 6: which I will be 10 weeks, we should hear it than!!!  Its such a blessing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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