Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hello....it's me

Hello again.  It has been so very long since I've been on here... I almost dont know where to start.  So much has happened and changed in our family....it'll take me a few post (proably very long post) to get up to date.

So for now, lets just talk about what is currently happening in the life of the Garners.  There is now 4 of us - I had another little girl June 15th of 2015, our Sweet Olivia Shane (we refer to her by a couple different names... Livy, Lilly, Lilly Belle, sister) lol..poor kid probably doesn't know what her atually name is.

My husband received a call May 20th at 4:30pm offering him a position with a new company in Oklahoma (my home state) and we had to be there by June 6th for him to start testing, Alston is a welder.   When he got that call, I was fixing to walk out the door to our daughters spring recital for dance.... it was so bittersweet.  I have longed to move back to Ok to be near my parents and siblings, but we had built such a wonderful life in Louisiana.  We are members of an amazing, God centered church, we were surrounded by wonderful people... friends who loved us, loved our children, we referred to ourselves as a "tribe"... it takes a village to raise children, and we had a God centered tribe around us.  As I sit here and type I am over come with emotions...I miss them so much.  The playdates, that I think were def more for me (mommin' aint easy), our routine...One of my dear girlfriends back home is expecting twins (their first)...she found out 5 days before we were scheduled to be in OK.   I know I'll find that here, it just takes time.  

Aubries spring recital "Alice in Wonderlond"

We lived for our park playdates

One of our favorite treat spots "Coffee Call"

If you don't know what this is, we can't be friends...lol J/K  Fresh hot beignets

We left Louisiana June 3rd, stopped for the night at my parents house than drove to N. Oklahoma...which is where we are currently living full time in an 8' x 25' 5th wheel trailer... or as Aubrie says "my tiny house on wheels".

Ms. Aubrie helping up load the uhaul...and 8 hours later the last item was loaded

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