Monday, September 30, 2013

7 months old... (A week late)

Height- 26 1/2"
Weight- 15.8lbs 
Your sleeping patterns- Girlfriend, girlfriend. You love to sleep. On average you sleep till 9:30 with a morning nap around 11 then a long (2-3 hour) nap around 1:30. 
Your feeding schedule- You are still exclusively breastfed, and I don't see us stopping anytime soon. 
Some sounds and motions you make are-  Oh sweet-pea... You have found your voice! You squeal and gabber all day! It's the sweetest, most precious sound. 
This month, you really like- Anything and everything new! You love to discover new things. 
Your dislikes- You really don't have anything (except being away from/out of sight of me). You are so happy all the time. 
Your favorite toys and games are- 
You love peek-a-boo! You squeal so loud when playing. Your bouncy ball and your lil nemo Uncle Lloyd and Aunt Heather got you. I know it's not a game, but you ABSOLUTELY love the theme song to "Friends", every time it comes on you stop, turn and start squealing and bouncing up & down (we call it dancing) 
New first-  What a busy month you've had! You have 2 teeth (on the bottom), you are a speed crawler (you can clear the room at super speed), you are saying 'da'. Pulling up on EVERYTHING & ANYTHING you can. Sitting up like a big girl when you play on the floor. We are in such awe of you lil miss Aubrie, your daddy and I love you very very much. You are our world. 

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